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For Individuals

The free platform is for academic content from individuals, that benefits and can be re-used by the research community. 

All accounts are provided with 20GB of storage and are able to upload individual files up to 20GB. More details on limits are here. You can also read more about inappropriate content here. To get started sharing your research on see our guide on How to Upload and Publish your Data.

If an individual would like to publish outputs larger than 20GB (up to many TBs), please consider Figshare+, our Figshare repository for FAIR-ly sharing big datasets that allows for more storage, larger files, additional metadata and license options, and expert support. There is a one-time cost associated with Figshare+ to cover the cost of storing the data persistently ad infinitum. Find out more about Figshare+ or get in touch at with the storage amount needed and we will find the best way to support your data sharing.

For Organizations

Figshare provides several products and services. For more information on our Software-as-a-Service offerings, click the links below:

Out of the box Repositories

Data publishing and strategy support for Publishers

Out of the box Preprints platform

Curation Services

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