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List of all Figshare Integrations

Built-in integrations

Usage Metrics

  • Dimensions funding and citations
  • Altmetrics donut
  • Readcube
  • Clamav virus scanner

Integrations currently available to be implemented as a part of the standard Figshare implementation

(no additional fee)

Integrations currently available to be implemented as a 2nd phase of Figshare implementation

(once-off implementation fee)

CRIS/RIMS systems


  • Arkivum
  • Duracloud
  • Rosetta - potentially exists, but no functioning integration implemented
  • Archivematica - potential exists, but no functioning integration implemented


Only available if you have a Turnitin licence

Integrations available to be configured by individual users

(not covered in implementation)


Figshare supports interoperability of metadata via OAI-PMH. All metadata scross Figshare is exportable and harvestable using our OAI-PMH endpoints. In order to harvest Figshare metadata from your Figshare repository only, you will need to filter the Figshare ListSet for your portal ID.

You will be provided with your stage and production environments’ OAI-PMH ListSet URL during your Figshare Implementation.

If you are an existing Client and do not know your ListSet ID, Figshare can provide you with the OAI-PMH ListSet for your stage and production environments. Please contact our Support Team to request your OAI-PMH ListSet URLs.

FIgshare and/or some of our existing institutional partners have successfully established harvests to the following services and/or national aggregators:

  • Google Scholar and Google Dataset search
  • Primo
  • Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)
  • Re3Data
  • Trove (ANDS)
  • Research Data Australia - RDA (ARDC)
  • Openaire 
  • EThOs (UK theses & dissertations)
  • Core
  • Helt (UK institutions)
  • DigitalNZ

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