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Figshare code repository setup & implementation: GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket


Figshare now has the potential of allowing users to integrate GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket to their Figshare account. This allows for the easy synchronisation and publication of repositories from these services to a user’s Figshare account. They are subtly different in their implementations, with some optional availability and functionality elements that should be understood and explored.


Figshare originally integrated with GitHub. For more details, check out our article on how to sync your GitHub account to your Figshare account.


While GitHub is still available and is the default code repository integration, institutions using Figshare will also be able to configure GitLab and Bitbucket (more information on Bitbucket is available below) integrations with their respective cloud services.

For this integration, institutions can either enable support for just accounts or also enable support for any locally-hosted GitLab repositories within your organisation. To configure this integration, please contact

How do I set up access to a locally-hosted GitLab repository for my users?

You can set up multiple GitLab instances for your users. The standard as well as multiple local instances. To set up an integration: 

  1. Login to your locally-hosted instance
  2. Go to Preferences from the user menu in the top right 

  1. Then click on Application


4. Then click on Add New Application

          Name (Whatever you like)

          Redirect URL: 

          (please note, this is for production only) 

5. You’ll then need to check a number of boxes outlined above

6. Then save application 

After you have saved, go to “Your Applications” on the Applications screen and click on the newly-created application. You will then see Application ID and Secret. You’ll need to send these along with the name you want the repository to display as within your Figshare instance and the production URL of your GitLab instance. 

You can do this for numerous GitLab integrations, not just one. When you contact, you’ll need to send the following details for each separate GitLab instance you wish to add to your figshare repository. Please ensure any credentials are sent via secure channels. 

  • Public URL for Local gitlab instance e.g
  • Name for how the repository should appear within Figshare: Figshare gitlab
  • Application ID: asdciuhsaiuc
  • Secret: dcsiodcsoivnhb


Bitbucket is available to all users and optionally for FFI users. For Bitbucket, we support accounts only, local install support is not supported.   

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