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Portal branding requirements

Figshare supports branding in the form of a logo and background image. You can choose to have custom branding for every public portal within your Figshare instance. To add new or amend current branding please raise a support ticket and supply images meeting the requirements stated below.


Ideally a vector images e.g. .eps file

if not available we require the following 2 images:

1. Main Logo

Pixels: 260 x 142 px full bleed.

File format: JPEG or png

2. Small Logo

Pixels: 120 x 70 px full bleed.

File format: JPEG or png

Background image

Pixels: 1600 x 1000

File format: JPEG or png

File size: Minimum 200KB

We ask for a large background image as the page is dynamic to allow for browser resizing on different screens - If you must have text within your background image, we recommend this is centred to allow for varying screen sizes.

See some of our favourites from institutional partners:
University of Auckland
Music Archive of Monash University
Tarfala Research Station at Stockholm University

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Want to know more?

Can’t find your answer here, check the community discussion or raise a support ticket.

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