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What data repository should I use?

There is a home for every dataset. 

  1. Ideally each subject would have a subject specific data repository with custom metadata capture and a subject specialist to curate the data. If there is a subject specific repository that is suitable for your datasets, use that one.

A list of subject specific repositories that are recommended by Scientific Data (Springer Nature) as being suitable for hosting data associated with peer-reviewed articles can be found here.

  1. If there is no subject specific repository, you should check with your Institution’s Library as to whether they have a data repository. If they do, they will most likely have a team of data librarians to guide you through your dataset publication.

  1. If there is no subject specific repository, you should upload and publish your data on, or another suitable generalist repository. How to upload and publish your data on

For more information on which repository to use, head to Re3Data

By offering detailed information on more than 2,000 research data repositories, re3data has become the most comprehensive source of reference for research data infrastructures globally.

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