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How to edit or delete your item

Please note that you can only delete items that are private.

If you need to delete a public item, this will need to be done by us or your institutional administrator, please see I’ve accidentally set my data to public, what should I do?

Public items

To edit a public item head to My data, click on the edit pen (this will become visible when you hover over the item) that will then bring up the metadata form:

As the item is published, changes to the metadata field or the file itself will trigger a new version but the DOI remains the same. If you wish to change the file/s, you will first have to delete the existing file, to do this:

1. At the top of the edit item page, click on the 'Manage files' button

2. Once the window opens, you can click the 'x' to the right hand side.

3. You can then click 'Add more files' or drag and drop a new file

4. Click save changes to save privately only or click save changes and tick the publish checkbox in order to publish the new version

Private items

Private items can be edited/ deleted the same way as public items (outlined above). Remember to click save changes and this will not create a new version.

However, if you wish to delete the entire item you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the metadata form and click delete item:

The item will no longer exist in My data (private items only).

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