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Figshare Metadata Schema Overview

Figshare metadata is based on and compliant with the DataCite schema. It is stored in a relational database and can be mapped to other metadata schemas. Metadata for an Item, Collection, or Project is available in JSON format from the API ( The citation metadata is also available from the public item page formatted as Dublin Core, DataCite, National Library of Medicine, BibTeX, RefWorks, EndNote, or RIS. To learn more about where this metadata is indexed and searchable, see our help page on discoverability.

Descriptive Metadata

These are fields available in the metadata entry form, with a focus on fields related to Items - the most granular type of record in Figshare. If you are at an institution using Figshare as a repository rather than using a account, you may have more of the optional fields or custom fields available to you. The API field name column does not list the subfields that may be part of the metadata field. To see subfields, visit the API endpoint descriptions in the API documentation:

Field DataCite Field (sent to DataCite) Required/Optional Field Limits API field name Institutions Only
Title <titles><title> Required 3-1000 chars title No
Authors <creators><creator><creatorName><nameIdentifier> (ORCID and ROR is sent if available) Required 1:100 authors No
Item Type resourceType Required 1 defined_type_name No
Categories <subjects><subject> Required 1:100 categories No
Keywords - Required 1:100 (1-2000 chars each) Keywords or tags No
Description descriptions Required 4:10,000 chars description No
License <rightsList><rights> Required 1 license No
Funding fundingReferences Optional 0:100 (3-2000 chars each) funding
References <relatedIdentifiers><relatedIdentifier> Optional 0:100 references No
Resource Title (Deprecated) - Optional 0:1 (3-1000 chars) resource_title No
Resource DOI (Deprecated) <relatedIdentifiers><relatedIdentifier> Optional 0:1 ( up to 255 chars) recource_doi No
Related Materials <relatedIdentifiers><relationType><relatedIdentifier><relatedIdentifierType> Optional - Related_materials: relation, link, identifier_type No
First Online Date - Optional 0:1
timeline: firstOnline No
Publisher Date <dates><date> (dateType="Created") And publicationYear Optional 0:1
timeline: publisherPublication Yes
Accepted Date - Optional 0:1
timeline: publisherAcceptance Yes
Submitted Date - Optional 0:1
timeline: submission Yes
RevisionDate - Optional 0:1
timeline: revision Yes
Files - Optional 0:Configurable files No
Is Metadata Record - Optional true/false is_metadata_record No
Metadata Record Reason - Optional 0-255 chars metadata_reason No
Has Linked File - Optional true/false has_linked_file No
Linked File URL - Optional 0-1000 chars files: download_url No
Is Embargoed - Optional true/false is_embargoed No
Embargo Title - Optional 3-80 chars embargo_title No
Embargo Reason - Optional 3-1000 chars embargo_reason No
Embargo Date - Optional yyyy-mm-dd embargo_date No
Embargo Type - Optional - embargo_type No
Embargo Options - Optional - embargo_options Yes
Custom Fields - Optional - custom_fields Yes
Group - Optional integer group_id Yes

Descriptive fields that are managed by the system:

Field DataCite Field Field Limits API field name Description
Version - 0:Configurable version DataCite maintains version information through the DOI
Size sizes - size Size in bytes
DOI identifier Valid format doi
Handle - Valid format handle Institution only
Item URL - Valid format figshare_url
Created Date - yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ created_date This is the date the version was published on Figshare.
Modified Date <dates><date> (dateType="Updated") yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ modified_date
Published Date - yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ published_date This is the same as posted date and is used in searches when limiting by “published_since”
Posted Date <dates><date> (dateType="Created") and publicationYear yyyy-mm-dd timeline: posted Overwritten by “Publisher date” if available
Item Type ID - integer defined_type

System Metadata

This table shows some of the other fields available from the user interface or through the API.

Field DataCite Field Field Limits API field name Description
ID - - id Every entity receives an id
Status - - status
API URL - - url Same as Public API URL
Is Public - - is_public
Thumb URL - - thumb
Private API URL - - url_private_api
Public API URL - - url_public_api Same as API URL
HTML Private URL - - url_private_html
HTML Public URL - - url_public_html
Citation - - citation

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