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Is Figshare content indexed by Google Scholar?

Figshare strives to have all content of type poster, journal contribution, conference contribution, presentation, chapter, report, monograph, thesis, book and preprint indexed by Google Scholar. This required implementing a number of guidelines, as outlined by Google:

  1. Include specific meta tags in the HTML pages of the records; currently, the mentioned item types have the following tags included in the page: citation_title, citation_publication_date, citation_author, DC.identifier.
  2. Provide a direct link to PDFs: this is included in the citation_pdf_url meta tag, similarly to the tags above.
  3. Provide a sitemap: Google advises on using the standard and Figshare provides a sitemap for both its free offering ( and each customer portal. The sitemap is linked in the footer of each landing page.

Moreover, Figshare has been in direct contact with the Google team to ensure that all guidelines have been correctly implemented and that the records can be crawled by the Scholar.

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