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How discoverable is my research?

That depends on you!

There are a few ways you can increase discoverability of your research:

  • Make sure your keywords are relevant - this way when people search for topics related to your work, they will be more likely to find you
  • The ‘keyword’ field is free-text, you can insert as many as you like (just remember to hit the enter button after each one!)

  • Provide as much metadata as possible, for example:

  • Make sure to change the title to a more descriptive one than just the original file name and to remove the file extension 

  • Share you research on social media and track the altmetric attention, we have made it easy for you to do so:

the share menu on a figshare item page
the share menu on a figshare item page

Share on twitter or embed in a blog post, the advantages of doing so is outlined in this case study

If you need some guidance there are more case studies and/or please get in touch with us at, we are happy to help.

A good example of a discoverable dataset can be found at:

Will my data appear on Google?

Yes, we mark up all content uploaded to Figshare to enable identification by Google. This involves configuring meta-tags in line with Google indexing guidelines so that their 'parser' software can identify your data when crawling the Figshare site. Please note it can take a few weeks for Google to index your research. Data from DataCite suggests that Figshare content gets 10x more views than any of the other DataCite DOI minting repositories.

Please note that it can sometimes take up to a few weeks for Google to index the data you have made public through Figshare.

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