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Accessibility standards

Accessibility standards Figshare meets

Public pages on Figshare are compliant with the following accessibility standards:

We've made improvements to the Figshare interface to not only comply with these standards but also make it easier for everyone to interact with and reuse content on Figshare. Some of the improvements we've made include:

  • changing the contrast ratio and font size and adding a “Copy Citation” and “Copy DOI” action in a logical placement for screen readers
  • moving the groups browser to the main action links section, increasing prominence and discoverability of groups for all
  • improving font size and line height which has the added benefit of improving the experience for mobile users
  • improving contrast and how we display some elements like keywords. This not only improves access for users with accessibility requirements but also users on older screens with poor displays.

Image of keywords displayed with contrast
Image of keywords with improved contrast

User-generated content, like accessibility of the files uploaded by users, isn't covered in our standards compliance. For some tips for how to make files on Figshare as accessible as possible, check out this article from the University of Kent.

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