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Accessibility standards

This accessibility statement applies to the Figshare website. Ensuring that our website is usable for as many of our visitors as possible is a key objective for Figshare and Digital Science. We are actively committed to reaching and maintaining strong accessibility compliance standards.

Publicly facing pages:

We are committed to making our publicly facing pages on Figshare, which are any pages not behind a user log in, compliant with the following accessibility standards:

Private facing pages:

Our private facing pages, which includes any page behind a user log in, aim to be as accessible as possible, but may not meet all requirements of the above standards. We are in an ongoing process to upgrade the technology and design for our existing private facing pages in order to better support compliance with the above standards. All new pages, whether they are public or private, are designed with compliance to the above standards in mind.

User generated content:

Our site contains content and files that are not directly generated by Figshare. User-generated content, like files uploaded by users, isn't covered in our standards compliance. For some tips for how to make files on Figshare as accessible as possible, check out this article from the University of Kent.

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