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Figshare for Institutions — Implementation Overview

  • Total standard implementation time typically takes between 12-16 weeks, depending on your requirements. Figshare will provide implementation project support, up to 6 months, after which additional fees may be charged for certain types of delays.
  • Migration of records from a legacy repository occur after repository implementation. Migrations are typically planned to take an additional 12 weeks.
  • The Implementation Manager introduced by your Figshare Sales Account Manager will be your point of contact throughout the implementation. Before the implementation project is completed, your Implementation Manager will introduce you to all formal communication and support channels to follow thereafter.
  • Communications throughout the implementation phase will be managed via Basecamp (, which is monitored daily by our Implementations Managers and Engineers. By using Basecamp, we ensure that all documents, questions and conversations are held in a single place so that all communications can be seen be those involved in the process.
  • A stage environment is provided, and will be available to you for the remainder of your contract.
  • All configurations are implemented, tested, and confirmed on stage, before moving to your production environment
  • A basic admin training demo is provided by your Implementation Manager and your Implementation Manager is available to assist with specific aspects of Figshare functionality during your implementation.
  • Your Implementation Manager will also point you to Figshare's online training and engagement resources.
  • Post-implementation support will be available through our support site at
  • On average, we’d expect the IT Project Manager to dedicate at least 1 day per week during implementation.
  • If required, Figshare is happy to conduct a pre-implementation call to answer any questions you may have moving forward.

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