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Data Integrity and Authenticity Policy

All users that wish to create items or upload data to Figshare must provide a valid email address in order to create an account. Furthermore, users can link to their ORCID ( profile to their account for further identification.

Version control is supported for both the files and metadata of all published content. On each landing page, previous versions are displayed and accessible where applicable.  Please see the following example: Under each file or set of files, Figshare has a section describing how to cite the object, complete with DOI and a timestamp, illustrating when the files were accessed by the cited.

MD5 integrity checks are performed when the file is uploaded to Figshare and and are displayed alongside file previews on the record. The computed value is stored along with the other metadata for further checks. The default Figshare storage, Amazon AWS S3, performs regular, systematic data integrity checks as well (for more information, please see DOIs are only issued when all mandatory metadata, set by DataCite (, has been filled out.

Whilst is not curated, we do moderate all data that is made public on the site.  Please see our Data Moderation Policy and Take-down Notice for more information.

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