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Stage vs production

Figshare will always provide a stage environment (where you can do your acceptance testing) and a production environment. Your stage environment will be on a domain and the production environment will be on a or a custom domain. Your implementation manager will share your stage domain with you during implementation.

Fundamentally, the two environments are configured the same way. The only difference is that the stage environment is updated frequently with features that will reach production at the end of a production release. This is so they can be tested and you can become familiar with them ahead of the production release. Please feel free to use your stage environment to test any of the features listed in these guides.

Items, collections, and projects published on the stage environment are live on the web. However, they are not indexed on Google. Every stage environment is protected by an HTTP gateway.

When accessing your stage environment, your browser will prompt you for a username and password, as requested by the gateway. The username is gguest and the password is 159357456. If you save it in the browser history you will not be prompted to save it again.

Please note: Any items uploaded to your stage environment will not be transferred to production for go live.

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