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Product Development at Figshare

There are a variety of ways to find out about product development at Figshare from past releases to future plans. This article will reference all the places to find Figshare for Institutions product development information. If you have any questions about product development, contact our product director, Chris Blumzon, at

Live roadmap

Our product development roadmap documents which features are currently being assessed for development.

>> Check out our roadmap

Figshare preprint roadmap

This is a subset of the main Figshare roadmap of features and improvements that will be of interest to our preprint user community.

>> Check out our preprint roadmap

Live Request for Comment documents

In planning new features, we request comments and feedback from our community of users. Documents where we are still accepting feedback are linked below.

>> Future of Metadata Request for Comment document

Sign up to be an early stage tester for new Figshare features and functionality

If you are interested in shaping the future of Figshare by providing feedback on new features and ideas, we'd love to hear from you! You can sign up to be approached about any area or for specific items only. You are under no obligation to accept any request for feedback. Requests may take the form of meetings, emails, prototypes etc. We will not contact you for any other reason other than Figshare user testing and you can opt out at any time by messaging

>> Sign up to be an early stage tester

Feature request forum

If you have feedback on improving existing features or developing new ones, you can raise a feature request. Feature requests can be commented on and up-voted by other members of the community and are commented on directly by our product director.

>> Check out the feature request forum

Release notes forum

Our product director documents each new release in the form of release notes. These notes cover, in detail, any new features and functionality in the release and what's expected to be available in the next release.

>> Check out the release notes forum

Release notes videos

Each production release is demoed by our product director so administrators can see firsthand the new features and functionality in the release.

>> Check out previously-demoed release notes (and other recorded events)

Blog posts relating to product

Our product director will write further about product development as necessary in the form of a blog post. Check out some of our blog posts from the last year below.

>> Community-driven Development at Figshare

>> Figshare Product Development 2020 - A Year in Review (part 2)

>> Figshare Product Development 2020 - A Year in Review (part 1)

>> Creating workflows to support "as open as possible, as closed as necessary" (restricted publishing)

>> New Figshare Feature - FTP Uploader

>> Announcing a New Faceted Search Page for Figshare

>> Searchable Citations on Figshare

>> Datasets now available in Dimensions

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