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Moving content from to an institutional Figshare portal

Our admin support guides are moving.

We will be updating and maintaining our support documentation for Figshare repository administrators and managers in our support portal as of June 2024. To ensure you are viewing the most up to date content, please visit our support portal and ensure you are logged in with your institution email.

You can find all our updated admin guides in the support portal:

There may be researchers at your institution who have used, the free version of Figshare, before you implemented Figshare for Institutions. If you and your researchers would like to move content from a account to a Figshare for Institutions account, please follow the below steps.

1. Get consent from the researcher that they’d like to move their content to their institutional Figshare account

2. Raise a support ticket with the following information:

  • What account the items are currently associated with (URL to profile on or account ID)
  • What account the items are moving to (URL to profile on your institutional Figshare portal or account ID)
  • Which items in the account need to be moved


1. Do usage statistics move when items are moved from one account to another?

   Unfortunately we cannot move usage statistics when we move items as these are stored in different databases.

2. What happens to the account when items are moved from it?

    The account can either be disabled or left as-is (the user can keep the same email address, or replace their personal
    account with a different email address).

3. Do we have to do this as part of our implementation or can it be done at any time?

    It can be done at any time.

Sample text for enquiring about moving items from a account to an institutional Figshare portal account

Dear [NAME],

At [INSTITUTION], we have implemented Figshare as a solution for storing and sharing research outputs [PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC HERE IF YOU'D LIKE] for all university faculty.

We noticed you have used the free version of Figshare for storing research outputs in the past. As part of this implementation, we can move your research outputs from the free version of Figshare to [INSTITUTION]'s Figshare. The benefits of this include additional storage, opportunities for cross-institution collaboration, uploading and metadata enhancement assistance from [INSTITUTION] staff, and branded pages for research projects and departments. Please note, however, that usage statistics are unable to be moved.

If you'd like to take this further, please reply to this email with a list of the items you'd like to move from your free Figshare account and we'll let you know when this is complete.

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