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Managing end users

Our admin support guides are moving.

We will be updating and maintaining our support documentation for Figshare repository administrators and managers in our support portal as of June 2024. To ensure you are viewing the most up to date content, please visit our support portal and ensure you are logged in with your institution email.

You can find all our updated admin guides in the support portal:

Information on users in your Figshare instance can be found on the Administration page under the Users tab at the top of the screen. From this page, you can see the names of all users within the system, the group structure they sit under, the number of projects they created, and the amount of storage allocated to their account. Users marked as inactive are displayed in lighter grey and italics. These are users your institution has deactivated via the HR feed or whatever your system is for creating user accounts.

In the storage column, the first piece of information is the quota they have already used by uploading files in My data or in individual projects. The segment represents usage, while the last value is the quota they have been allocated with. That value is the same value the user will see in their My data.

To report on users, please see our article on usage reporting and statistics.

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