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Impersonating users

Administrators can impersonate any user that falls under their group structure. Administrators at the institution level can impersonate any user, whereas administrators of groups can only impersonate any user within their group or subgroups. Impersonations can be useful for making amends to metadata, uploading on behalf of an author so the item remains within the author’s account, and troubleshooting support.

To impersonate a user (either active or inactive), go to the Users tab on the group structure page. Find the user you want to impersonate, go to the cog on the right hand side, and select Access this account.

Please note: when an administrator impersonates a user, administrators are able to see confidential files. Therefore, if a file is highly confidential, we recommend uploading a metadata record only. For more on restricted items, please see our Knowledge Portal page on conditional items.

While accessing the account, all the actions performed by the administrator are added to the audit log. The actions are set as performed by the administrator. For example, if the administrator modifies an item, the user will see on the item overlay that the item was last edited by that administrator.  In the example below, the original author is the one listed in the author list with green text, while the administrator, Team Figshare, is the one that last edited the item as seen at the top.

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