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How to use the Figshare API

Our API documentation lives here

The sources for these pages are publicly hosted on github at figshare/user_documentation and it's open for contributions. If you feel you can improve anything, fix a mistake, expand on a topic, feel free to open up a pull request.

Below are some examples of how the Figshare API has been used:

This has enabled University of Sheffield to highlight recently-uploaded items and to more effectively link to internal documentation for support.

An automatic feed from GitHub generates a new version every night.

Monash University used the API to migrate content, including their theses, into their Figshare repository.

We will continue to provide more examples.

In the meantime, please check out more of our Engagement Manager's resources or if you'd like some more information about the API and to ask questions please get in contact at or simply submit a ticket.

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