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How to Share, Cite or Embed your items

Public items

Underneath your public item's preview area (next to the Download button) you'll see: Share, Cite and Embed.  


You can share via Facebook, Twitter and more all from the public page of your item.


All research made publicly available of Figshare gets allocated a DataCite DOI at point of publication. This means that your research can be cited using traditional citation methods, no matter what form the research outputs come in.

You should include this whenever you are referring to research outputs on Figshare as this ensures that the link to the item persists.

To cite any content on Figshare you need to copy and paste or drag and drop the text that is under the displayed file, in the Cite section.

You can also export the citation to RefWorks, BibTeX, Endnote, DataCite, NLM, DC and RefMan. These are available in the side pane (to the right) of every page.

If you are not ready to make your data public, you can reserve a DOI - on the metadata form for object in question, select Reserve Digital Object Identifier.  At this point you will be offered a DOI - it will only be active and citable when you have added as much metadata as possible to make the file useful to others and eventually public.


Sharing private items

Private sharing link

To share your private item, you'll need to generate a private sharing link. When editing your data in My data the following window will appear, scroll down and you'll see the screen below:

Click on Generate private link in order to obtain a link that you can share:

Should at a later date you need or wish to remove the private sharing link just come back to the metadata form, scroll to the private link, select the x to disable the link (note if you want to share again in the future you will need to generate a new link). Please note that these links will expire in 2037 and therefore should not be used to cite your items in publications.

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