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How to log in to your institutional Figshare portal

Most institutions have single sign on (SSO) enabled which means there is no need to sign up, just click “Log in” and enter your institutional login credentials.

Please note, if your institution has opted for a custom domain you will no longer be able to log in via and instead your institutions chosen domain, if you are unsure please contact your administrator or search for your institutions logo, click on the logo to be redirected to the portal.  

If you encounter any problems when trying to log in it might be that we do not have an institutional account registered for you yet, please raise a support ticket here or send us an email to and we'll put you in touch with your university representative.

Shared accounts

In most cases, you will need to use your institutional staff/student credentials (combination of username and password) to log into Figshare via your SSO.

However, if you are using a shared account (not affiliated with your institutional SSO), or if you have been provided with a separate manual account to log into the institutional Figshare portal, you will not be able to log in via the SSO. To bypass SSO and log in successfully:

Navigate to your portal page and add /account/login to the end of your institutional Figshare URL. The url will look like

Example: La Trobe University’s Figshare portal is located at:

To bypass SSO and log in with a manual / shared account, you will need to go to:

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