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How to search for and reuse content on Figshare

All items, collections, and projects on Figshare are fully searchable using either simple search or advanced, in-field search. The content can be ordered and filtered by the users.

This article will go through the basic steps of how to search for content on Figshare. Additional information and advanced tools are also available on our help site. Jump to the relevant section by clicking on the links below.

Basic search

To search across all of Figshare, go to Enter the search terms and filter on the left based on content type, date range, license, item type, source, and category. Users should select the filter parameters on the left and select ‘Apply filters’ to apply.


Data can be ordered with the default as ‘Relevance'. This default order allows users to see the most relevant items first and can be filtered to show 'Citations', 'Altmetric Attention Score', ‘Posted date’, ‘First online date,’ ‘Acceptance date’, and ‘Publication date’. More information on dates can be found here.

Users can switch between list or tiled view of results by clicking on the list or tile icon in the top right.


Reusing content

Content on Figshare is available for reuse to varying degrees depending on the attributed reuse license.

By clicking the license itself on the right-hand side of an item page, you can learn more about the different license types and rights for use, reuse, attribution, etc. Please see this article for more information on license types.


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