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Figshare for US Federal Agencies

Supporting public access to the results of federally-funded research and government data is of increasing importance for the U.S. Federal agencies. Requirements for open research grew in 2013 as a result of an OSTP policy memorandum requiring agencies with more than $100M in R&D to make research results, including digital datasets, openly available within 12 months of publication. Open data requirements were further expanded in 2019 following the passage of the OPEN Government Data Act, which requires federal agencies to appoint a Chief Data Officer, make data openly available in machine-readable formats with standardized metadata, and provide public access to this data via a data catalog. The importance of open data has been driven by these requirements as well as increasing community recognition that open data provides greater transparency, reproducibility, efficiency, and impact for funded research as well as supporting collaboration and data science initiatives through data reusability. In response, agencies have responded by establishing and extending their data infrastructure and expertise, enacting data management and sharing plan requirements, and creating public access policies for both internal data and research programs as well as extramurally funded research. 

Figshare offers a highly configurable repository solution, Figshare for Funders, for U.S. Federal agencies to provide public access to datasets, publications, and all of the products of research with a dedicated repository portal. Figshare’s actively developed infrastructure is designed to meet requirements outlined by OSTP and the OPEN Act including for security, accessibility, and global repository standards such as preservation, persistence, metadata, and discoverability.  Our out of the box, software as a solution platform allows for rapid deployment of a data repository that can be easily scaled and customized to meet the needs of an agency and specific research communities. A Figshare-powered repository supports FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) open data including custom metadata and curation workflows, and maximizes the impact of research in a way that can be tracked and demonstrated. 

Checking all the boxes with the flexibility to meet your public data needs 

Policy and Standards Compliant Infrastructure 

Figshare is committed to meeting the requirements for US federal repository infrastructure with our continuously updated digital platform. From security to accessibility to global repository standards, we handle the nuts and bolts of data repository infrastructure to support data inventories for federal agencies. 

Highly configurable repository portals

Our Figshare for Funders repository portals are branded with custom domains, logos, and images, and user accounts, metadata, and requirements can be configured for the agency or the research community. 

  • DataCite DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) are unique persistent identifiers custom for the organization
  • User accounts and custom groups via single-sign-on authentication system 
  • Metadata fields customized for research community standards or agency requirements 
  • Customize item types accepted and open license options
  • Adjustable faceted search of portal
  • Dedicated implementation manager during launch and ongoing project support from Figshare’s Government and Funder team 

User-friendly Data Sharing

Provide an easy to use repository solution for researchers to meet data sharing requirements including to implement data management plans and to report on all research results from funding.

  • Share any file type, large files up to 5TB and 10,000 files per dataset
  • Preview files in the browser
  • FTP Uploader and Open API available for large dataset upload
  • Private projects collaboration space and public collections of published items
  • Researchers linked with ORCID
  • Citable, trackable DOIs for data to include in publications and funding reports
  • As open as possible but as closed as necessary - Restricted access publishing options including embargoes, limited user group access, and request access as well as metadata only and linked file records  
  • Training and outreach support

FAIR Open Data

Figshare metadata, persistent identifiers, and discoverability support Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable open data. 

  • Provide full public access to all published data
  • All published research fully open access including openly available files and metadata via Figshare API
  • Link data to associated publications. 
  • Link data to specific funding sources with links to grant information in 
  • Review module provides custom workflows to check and approve files and metadata before publishing
  • Curation and researcher support from data experts via Figshare Curation Service 

Track Impact

Monitor published research outputs and track their impact at the dataset and repository level. Track data sharing by funding source and research area.

  • All published data discoverable on portal as well as across and search engines including Google and Google Dataset Search
  • Views, Downloads, Citations, and Altmetric scores openly tracked at the dataset level
  • Citation data collected from full-text of scholarly articles
  • Public and private statistics dashboards on repository usage
  • Support research transparency and reproducibility 
  • Support more efficient and impactful research and data science strategic plans 
  • Monitor compliance with data sharing plans and policies
  • Track impact of programs and research funding more fully

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