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Account Limits

Freely-available accounts have the following limits for sharing scholarly content:

  • storage quota: 20GB
  • max individual file size: 20GB
  • max no of collections: 100
  • max no of projects: 100
  • max no of items: 500
  • max no of files per item: 500
  • max no of collaborators on project: 100
  • max no of authors per item, collection: 100
  • max no of item version: 50

If you have more than 500 files that you need to include in an item, please create an archive (or archives) for the files (e.g. zip file).

If an individual would like to publish outputs larger than 20GB (up to many TBs), please consider Figshare+, our Figshare repository for FAIR-ly sharing big datasets that allows for more storage, larger files, additional metadata and license options, and expert support. There is a one-time cost associated with Figshare+ to cover the cost of storing the data persistently ad infinitum. Find out more about Figshare+ or get in touch at with the storage amount needed and we will find the best way to support your data sharing.

For those using an institutional version of Figshare, the number of collaboration spaces will be determined by your institution. Please contact your administrator.

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