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Claiming authorship of an item on Figshare

This article details the process of claiming authorship of an existing item on Figshare. This process will replace authorship of an item from one author (often a manually-added author) to another author associated with an account (often an account created after the item was published).

If there's an existing item on Figshare that you'd like to claim authorship of, click on the ellipses next to +Collect and select Claim authorship. This will open your default email application with a pre-filled template to submit a ticket to our Support team requesting that the item in question be assigned authorship to the account you are logged into. Alternatively, please email with the DOI of the item you would like to claim authorship of and your account details.

Please note: You must be logged into the account you wish to claim authorship to — you cannot claim authorship unless you are logged in. In addition, claiming authorship does not migrate the ownership of the item to your My data area but rather replaces your account as an author on the item.

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