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Approving or rejecting quota requests


A user’s quota can be updated in two ways:

  • Within the feed, if the institution is sending this value in there. Please check the feed guide to see how it’s done.
  • Within the application but only if the user requests it. Administrators cannot modify quota directly for a user - they can only approve or reject the user’s request.

To request more quota, the user needs to go in my data and request more from above the item table.

The request will go only to the administrators of the group where the user is assigned. This request will appear in the activity tab and will be visible in the header after the administrator logs in. The administrator can approve, decline, or configure the value that was requested if the value is not appropriate. If the requester is an administrator of the group he is assigned to, the request is pre-approved.


Group projects are projects that will have their storage allocated from a group. Anyone can create a group project by selecting a group from the drop down in the Allocate storage part of the create project page.

After selecting the group, the user will see the default initial value allocated for his project. This value cannot be edited in this screen.

Only the project owner can request more space from the project edit page. To approve, the administrator should follow the exact same steps as for the quota for users.

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