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How does Figshare+ work?

  • Submit a request to publish a dataset in Figshare+
  • We’ll review your request and get in touch with you about next steps to start sharing your dataset on Figshare+
  • We’ll send you an invoice for the one-time Data Publishing Charge
  • We’ll create a Figshare+ account for you and send you an email with instructions on logging in
  • You will have 12 months to upload your files and add a description and metadata for your data
  • See our Guide to Sharing Data on Figshare+
  • Figshare’s data review team is available to answer your questions about data deposit and best practices for data sharing
  • Submit your data to be published on Figshare+ 
  • Figshare data review team will check your metadata and description (and conduct spot checks on a sample of your data files) and endeavour to email you within 3 business days with any required or suggested revisions
  • Your dataset is published and made openly available 
  • Include your dataset DOI(s) in related publications and list them in grant reports
  • For full details, please see the applicable terms and conditions available here.

Learn more about Figshare+
Guide to Sharing Data on Figshare+

See the Figshare+ Repository