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State of Open Data 2017

We're always looking for ways to partner with organisations and individuals in the community who are doing cool things with research data. The work by Oxford University Interactive Data Network came to our attention this year because they were using our API to pull datasets from figshare to create dynamic data visualisations using Shiny. The platform takes raw datasets and presents them in a way that is easy to analyse and use the data without needing to download and use third party software to create charts.

Last year we made our State Of Open Data 2016 data and report openly available, this year we wanted to go one step further and make the data interactive and easy to use. We hope that by doing this it will encourage more people to engage with the data and build upon the analysis and commentary we carried out and compiled in the State Of Open Data 2017 report.  

A big thanks to Martin Hadley at Oxford University for his work on the project.

Check out the full report and raw data on figshare.

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