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Publishing a Dataset at the same time as the associated Paper

Lots of publishers now ask for researchers to make the data supporting a paper available. When data sharing, evidence of data sharing and peer review of data is required, authors require a workflow to keep their datasets private until the paper is published.

Below is the workflow steps to achieve this using Figshare:

  1. Upload your files into the ‘My Data’ section of your account
  2. Add descriptive metadata as if you are ready to make the file public
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the metadata form and click “Generate Private Link” and “Reserve Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

  1. Cite the DOI in the paper before sending for review
  2. If the peer reviewer or publisher wants to see the files themselves, send them the private link. This is an anonymous link - your identity will not be known to the peer reviewers

  1. Upon notification that the paper is accepted and published, log into your account, navigate to the dataset, add a reference to the live paper and ensure metadata is descriptive
  2. Click “Publish and publish the item
  3. The DOI that was reserved, will now be minted (go live) and the citation in your paper will be linked to the dataset.

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