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Preservation and Continuity of Access Policy

All public research data published using the free version of will not only live on Amazon Web Services S3 storage, but also be deposited into Chronopolis for further preservation. Chronopolis is a digital preservation service based out of The University of California at San Diego.

Figshare will use the DuraSpace DuraCloud Vault deposit node to add content into Chronopolis to preserve the public corpus of multi-disciplinary data. Chronopolis is a digital preservation network that provides services for long-term preservation of digital content. As a result, Figshare users can be guaranteed long-term access to their publicly available scholarly content.

For more information on Chronopolis and DuraCloud, please visit and

More information around our open archival information system (OAIS) model is available by request. If you’re a research institution or Figshare for Institutions partner and are interested in exploring additional preservation workflow options, please get in touch at

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