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Custom metadata

To create custom metadata fields, click on Administration from the administrator menu. On the groups tab, click the cog wheel next to the group to which you want to add custom metadata and click Configure. The option to add custom metadata will be at the bottom of the configuration page.

Custom metadata defined at the institution level will be applicable for all items, collections, and projects created within the institution context. These metadata will be inherited by all the subgroups and cannot be modified at that subgroup level.

These metadata will be visible on all entities within the institution, on items, collections and projects. The institution level metadata will be displayed on both type of projects.

Please make sure that the metadata defined at the institution is applicable for all your groups before marking it as mandatory.

When defining custom metadata, administrators can:

  • Select the correct label (field name) to be displayed both privately and publicly. The label can have up to 100 characters.
  • Choose if the custom metadata is optional or mandatory
  • Select the context for this field: items, collections, and projects. The admin can select any combination of those values.
  • Select the type of metadata field you want to configure: simple text field (up to 250 characters), text area (up to 10,000 characters), predefined drop down menu, date selector, email field, URL field, or predefined drop down (large list)
  • Select help texts to be displayed on the tips section on the item edit
  • Add Placeholder text or default values, based on selected field type
  • Configure validations, depending on the type of field, like character limit.

You can duplicate or delete a metadata field by using the cog.

If the metadata is deleted, this will impact all users that have used the metadata field. Please be very careful when deleting defined metadata attributes.

If there are public items that use this attribute, then the users will not be able to see this field anymore. Public items will not be impacted unless the user goes to My data and modifies the item. At this point, the old public version will be overwritten and the custom metadata fields will not be visible anymore.

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