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Similar to traditional academic publishing, academic institutions end up with their content distributed in many platforms and struggle to a) get a copy of their own research or b) measure the impact of all of their research outputs.

Inspired by the wonderful work done by the team at Unpaywall, we want to make it easy for all institutions to have a copy of all of their research outputs in their repository

"Institutional Repository managers can use Unpaywall data to find OA resources that faculty have posted online, without depositing in their IR. These can be automatically ingested, significantly increasing IR coverage without needing to convince faculty to deposit. Repositories of all sizes have used Unpaywall data in this way.”

To ensure researchers and institutions can seamlessly track the impact of their outputs, we currently aggregate content from a large number of Publisher Repositories eg. Springer Nature Data Repository ( and the following Generalist repositories:

  • Dryad
  • Zenodo
  • Mendeley Data
  • Pangaea

Our efforts will focus on these principles:

  • Aggregation of only CC0 or CC-BY content
  • No new persistent identifiers. In most cases, this means a consistent DOI that links back to the original resource
  • Mirroring of metadata so as to not lose any context
  • Updating new versions where possible via open APIs
  • Clear labelling of original publication point
  • Implementing best practice in metrics through ‘Make Data Count’ project

As the open research world develops at a fast rate, we will continue to update our thinking and respond to the needs of our clients, research data librarians and other experts in the space.

If you’d like to hear more about our turn-key repository functionality please contact us at

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